About Us

Founded in 1981, Motofil Robotics started business specializing in the manufacture of electric motors, enamelled wire and welding equipment. The continuous search for competitive advantages led to Motofil Robotics investment in new technologies for optimization of manufacturing processes, particularly in the field of industrial robotics.
The Motofil Robotics has now a very wide range of solutions for robotic arc welding and resistance. It develops and integrates also handling applications, cut and flexible bending, among others.

The implemented policy based on product quality and customer satisfaction, led to the growth of our company. This led to the creation of engineering and own sales offices in Spain, enabling thus a greater response to the growing demands of the Iberian market .

Exports have been an important objective in the technical development of Motofil Robotics in particular the creation of specifications and continued demand for quality standards. Regularly exported to countries like Spain, England, France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, China, Turkey, is currently being expansion into other markets.

We meet our major customers in the manufacturing of components / sub-assemblies for the automotive industry, metal and hospital furniture, equipment for the construction, equipment and agricultural implements, metal constructions, transport equipment and other industries where production processes require each again, the inclusion of robotic applications.

Motofil Robotics is prepared to provide high quality and reliability equipment. With regard to our sales conditions (prices and delivery times), these are extremely attractive. Our product is designed and manufactured to a philosophy of building machine tool type, and the structures and other machined components stabilized and rectified, using commercial components also first-rate, world-renowned .
We have a commercial technical team and after sales service with highly qualified personnel , responsible respectively for the development of projects and their manufacture, marketing of products / equipment and to provide a constant service support to our customers.