Mission, Vision and Values


Provide automation and robotization of products to enhance companies levels of productivity.


Become market leader in the field of automation and robotization solutions through our commitment to innovation, productivity and quality.


Motofil Group recognizes the importance of quality for their products and services, the environment for current and future generations and Security of persons and property, is committed to:

  • Creation of value for shareholders, costumers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders;

  • Integrating Quality issues, Environment, Health and Safety of its emplyees, in their activities, routines and practices as a way to add value to company’s business, through an integrated system;

  • To continuously improve an integrated Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management) e NP EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management at work);

  • Provide robotic solutions for automating costumer processes, giving priority to innovation, quality and accuracy of the processes;

  • Provide technologically advanced cutting solutions, reliable and suited to each sector;

  • Providing parts production technical services for the most diverse areas of activity, with high quality;

  • Manufacture and distribute quality welding wire, looking for excellence in service and innovating in the search for better solutions for our customers;

  • Provide to our customers more cost-efficient solutions;

  • Professional and personal appreciation of our workers, suitability of their skills to the functions they perform and support for workers and their social environment;

  • Prevent all forms of pollution, eliminate or minimize risks to safety and health of workers;

  • Comply with legal requirements, regulations and other requirements to which the organization subscribes for the group, customers and other stakeholders in terms of Quality, Environment and Safety;

  • Ensure, on an ongoing basis, the needs and expectations of stakeholders, progressively increasing the satisfaction and confidence in the organization;

  • Promote the interiorization of the culture and values of Motofil, stimulating the participation of all to thus ensure continuous improvement in all areas of activity.

The realization of this purpose is the responsibility not only of the Board of the Company, but for all its employees.