weldmex fabtech 2018 motofil 1


weldmex fabtech 2018 motofil 1


The Mexican industrial market is in constant growing and, therefore, is always looking for solutions to improve and innovate their business. Weldmex, a tradeshow which was undertaken jointly with Fabtech Mexico, METALFORM Mexico and COATech, proved that.

From 2 to 4 of May, Motofil had the opportunity to be present, for the 6th consecutive year on Weldmex, tradeshow which took place in Mexico City. Altogether, the three tradeshows that are part of FABTECH Mexico, are intended to show to their visitors all the new features of the welding, cutting, conformation, metal handling, etc.

Motofil exhibited a robotised welding Monoblock of 3000 x 1200mm with a charge capacity of 600kg, where was simulated the welding of a few examples of products’ parts of Motofil’s clients such as Andamios and Ipasa. Monoblock continues to be a reference in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility in the Mexican market, because it combines the excellence guaranteed of 20 years of manufacturing and constant improvements, with a technical assistance quality service.

Ramiro Pereira, Director of Motofil Robotics Mexico, made a positive balance of the tradeshow where “we obtained very interesting contacts with whom we hope to close some deals. It is important to point out that many of our clients in the Mexican market made us a visit to talk and support us in this event.

Motofil is in Mexico since 2014, year which inaugurated a subsidiary in Querétaro, and the evolution over the years has been outstanding. Now, the Group is ready to launch its new range if thermal cutting equipment for several markets, and the Mexican is one of them.

This event, which alternate annually between Monterrey and Mexico City, is going to return to Cintermex in Monterrey from 7 to 9 of May of 2019.


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Motofil strengthens its investment in the South American market

motofil feimec 2018 1

With a subsidiary in Brazil since 2010 and with the purpose to extend its commercial relations in that market, Motofil decided to participate in FEIMEC – Brazilian International Machinery and Equipment Exhibition – which occurred from 24th to 28th of April in São Paulo.

Despite of being in its 2nd edition, FEIMEC has already established itself has the greatest machinery and equipment trade show in the Latin America, which resulted in five days of great excitement, numerous commercial interactions and the exhibition of several quality products. Motofil exhibited a welding robotised cell Monoblock, which is a well-known product in this market for its quality, and a pair of self-aligning roller beds, a support technology for various solutions of submerged arc welding automation. In addition to the welding equipment, Motofil presented information about its new thermal cutting range of products, which will be the next commercial investment for this market.

The participation of Motofil in FEIMEC was considered a success, not only because of the number of made contacts, but especially because of the quality of them. The great interest of the visitors was in integrated systems of robotised welding, destined to agriculture and the road transports business sectors, and was also noticed a growth on the demand of welding automation and the thermal cutting technologies. By offering customized solutions to these distinct business sectors, Motofil stood out from its competitors.

José Ribeiro, Motofil Brasil Manager, acknowledges that the positive outcome of the participation in FEIMEC is related to the fact that “Motofil nowadays is recognized as a business partner to be considered in the Brazilian market and a reference for the differential it represents, not only on the support and the commercial follow-up but also on the quality of the after-sales service given to its clients.”

César Borges, Latin America Commercial Representative specialized on thermal cutting, which is a recent addition to Motofil’s team, was “impressed with the feedback of the clients in terms of the satisfaction with Motofil. I understood that here we have 100% satisfaction, which makes us believe that it’s just a matter of time until we reach a nice share of the thermal cutting market in Latin America transforming, therefore, our goals into achievements.

The success obtained in FEIMEC, combined with the good results already achieved at STEELFAB in the Middle East and at INDUSTRIE in France, emphasizes the new commercial strategy, which combines the consolidation of Motofil’s presence on the stablished markets and the expansion of its commercial relations in a global scale.


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Motofil returns to Industrie!

Motofil Industrie Paris 2018 1


MOTOFIL returns once more to the industrial fair INDUSTRIE PARIS 2018.

The event took place between the 27th and 30th of March in the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, and for this edition, Motofil presented, for the first time in France, its fibre laser cutting machine, MFL 315, with an improved performance, as well as the usual equipment of robotics and welding wire.

The attendees were very interested in MFL since day one, because “despite some knowing what laser cutting machines are, other attendees were seeing, for the first time, this type of equipment functioning”, explains Joana Ferreira, who is part of the technical assistance team of Motofil Cutting. Furthermore, she says that “what draw the attendees attention was the speed/acceleration of the machine and the function of identification and rationing of material, with which it was equiped.

Paulo Monteiro, European Sales Manager, represented Motofil once again during this trade show and says that this event marks the first step of the new strategy for the French market. This strategy is based on a “strong partnership with a French company [RUCON], which will allow an expansion in this market in the area of robotics and sheet laser cutting. This local partner and the robotics and cutting references that we already have in this market, makes our growth perspective very positive.”

Despite the focus on the cutting equipment, Motomig, a company which continues to notoriously grow in Central Europe, was also present in Industrie and according to Pedro Romão, Sales Representative of Motomig, it was possible to see “the interest of the attendees in the quality of the products manufactured in Motomig. Since 2012 that Motomig is present in this market and every year we can see its growth”. Pedro Romão also wants to thanks everyone for “the trust”, assuring that the aim of Motomig will continue to be “answering to the needs of each client.”

During the trade show, we had the honour to be visited by Augusto Santos Silva, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, and Eurico Brilhante Dias, the Secretary of State of Internationalisation. This type of visits represents the recognition of the investment Motofil is making in exporting Portuguese solutions for major markets, resulting in an important contribution to national economy.

Looking back, Motofil’s participation in Industrie was very positive. A lot of new contacts were made and the visitors got interested in knowing more about the range of products of Motofil. In 2019, Motofil will return to Industrie, this time in Lyon.