Motofil Steelfab 2018

Steelfab 2018 (Sharjah, UAE) – the perfect start of 2018 of the Motofil Group

Motofil Steelfab 2018

2018 may have started in less than a month, but Motofil has already made history by participating in a trade show in the Middle East, for the first time in 36 years of activity.

This was a step that has been discussed for a long time and this was the year we finally took that step.

This trade show was STEELFAB – Machinery, Equipment & Tools, which took place in the Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, from the 15th to the 18th of January.

This year marked the 14th edition of this trade show. Last year, STEELFAB had 342 exhibitors from 43 countries and attracted almost 8.000 attendees from 83 countries, during the four days of the event.

This investment in the Middle East market is in accordance with the new Motofil’s business strategy for 2018: being more present globally, by tapping new markets, thus earning more clients through partners and distributors.

Francisco Braga, the Sales & Marketing Group Coordinator, said that our participation in STEELFAB was very positive, “it was the first presence of Motofil in the Middle East in 36 years of existence, in which we got to know the business opportunities in the area and potential partners”.

Besides exploring the market, Motofil will sign a partnership in March, as an outcome of the participation in the trade show, with a distributor from the UAE.

Together, we will be able to supply the best solutions to a market that is showing to be attractive regarding commercial exchanges.

Looking back, our participation in Steelfab was the right choice; not only it helped in promoting our cutting and automation solutions in an area that was still not tapped by Motofil, but also helped us in achieving what we wanted for a long time: to be part of the Middle East market.


motofil retroffiting 4


motofil retroffiting 4

Creativity and engineering were the keywords for the completion of another great project. Based on its technical ability for enhancing and adaptation, Motofil, recently had another retrofitting project, which means the update of the functionalities of equipment that were manufactured for other uses.

Motofil tries to show to the clients its engineering ability by presenting them with the best solution for a determined problem. In this case, the problem was the addition of new technologies and functionalities to an older equipment, in order to prepare it for new tasks. This add-on eliminates the need for jigs and increases flexibility regarding production.

The equipment that was updated was a robotised MIG/MAG welding cell with 2 Arc Mate 120iC FANUC robots and a ferris wheel positioner with 6000 x 1400 x 1000 Kg; the new version, has a handling robot (FANUC’s M20iA) and a self-centering clamping system that allows a precise placement of the parts to be weld.

For the supply of parts, it was added sheet sliding ramps with a parts dosing device. These ramps have pneumatic agitators that prevent jams. In addition, there were also added grippers with a quick exchange system that decreases set-up times between models, due to the different shapes of the parts to be weld.

With this update, it was added a parametric programming system developed by Motofil. When a welding process is carried out, it is important to define some parameters to obtain a proper welding integrity. This system allows more flexibility in changing the models if it is needed, in an easy and quick way.

This operation shows that Motofil can adapt its own equipment, due to its robust components as well as its equipment, since they were in a perfect state, even after a decade. This allows the adjustment of solutions so these equipments can be relaunched in the market. Furthermore, this retrofitting operation is focused on one of the main characteristics of Motofil Group, the adaptation of solutions to the demands of new challenges.

motofil mexico

Motofil in Mexico

motofil mexico

Nowadays, the Mexican economy is the 13th largest one in the world. Its macroeconomic stability and its dimension make Mexico a very important market. Its proximity to the USA, which is the largest economy in the world, makes the Mexican market an attractive one for numerous companies. It has free trade agreements (FTA) with more than 40 countries, like those from the European Union, Japan, Central and South America and a free trade agreement with the USA and Canada (NAFTA). Thus, this is a traditional exporting country, as it is the 10th largest country regarding this matter. With all this potential, Mexico is a great investment for the Motofil Group.

In Mexico since 2014, and with a background of 30 years of experience in the European market, Motofil Robotics Mexico aids the Mexican companies in becoming more efficient, more responsible and wiser. The company invests in searching the excellence of its products and services, aiming at the needs of its client. The search for this excellence must be as far as possible, defying all odds, because, for Motofil Mexico, each client matters.

Motofil Robotics Mexico takes responsibility for improving the processes of its clients. Their evolution is done in a sustainable way, but with the continuous help of a partner interested in a mutual growth. The Mexican businessman is perfectly aware of its needs and what he demands. By his side stands Motofil Robotics Mexico that knows that the success of its clients is its own success.

Our company is aware of the importance of protecting those who invest their money to increase their businesses, who believed in our words, our promises and in our know-how. We know the responsibility we carry when an installation is concluded. The proximity to the client is always present in Motofil Robotics Mexico. Is this proximity that allows Motofil Mexico in meeting the needs of the clients, and gives them the guarantee that both companies are committed to the same success. In the end, they are the ones that receive us with open arms and with a smile, because they know they chose the right partner.


  • (Mr Juan António Ramirez – Production Manager at Fanex):

For Fanex, we acquired a Monoblock Robotised Cell and an H-type positioner Robotised Cell of which:

The service offered by Motofil, particularly by Mr Ramiro Pereira (Sales Manager Motofil México), is excellent; we have received technical and maintenance support, from its representatives on schedule, which helps us achieve the goals that are defined by the company.
It is good to know that we can rely on a company that can give us support in any area related to the machine and that also give us the confidence to continue on counting on them for future projects that will expand the company.

  • (Mr Cruz Francisco Zambrano Z. Mr Gerardo Ramos G – Production Managers at IPASA)

IPASA de CV has a welding robotised cell (Monoblock) (with an Arc Mate 100 ic/6L robot), that improved the productivity and efficiency during the welding process. The productivity increased by in 150% in comparison to the previous processes that were used, making available enough products for our clients with a good welding quality. 
Motofil has been close to us, because of the technical assistance right at the moment an unusual event appears. 
We believe that Motofil is a company that cares about its clients, and us, as a client, are witness of its proper service, its good skills, its good assistance, and especially the great quality of its products (consumables, welding wire and the robotised cell).
The robotised welding cell (with an Arc Mate 100 ic/6L robot) is user-friendly and easy to use that allows good quality welding seams regarding integrity and aesthetics.

In a nutshell, Motofil and its products were able to meet the demands of IPASA de CV”.

motofil mexico 2

Author: Ramiro Pereira (Sales Manager Motofil México)

Motofil Expometalica 2017

Motofil on the Metalmadrid 2017 trade show

Motofil Expometalica 2017

After last year’s participation, Motofil returned to MetalMadrid, the Industrial Fair of the Community of Madrid, at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid on the 15th and 16th of November. This return to MetalMadrid reinforced the intention of Motofil in continuing the investment in its presence in the Spanish market, something it has been doing for the last 20 years.

The approach used in this trade fair was proximity to clients, a motto that Motofil has been adopting for the other trade shows and it represents one of its most important values. It is important to listen to the needs of every client and potential ones, in order to offer them a customized solution to solve their problems.

Carlos de la Hoz, Sales Representative of Motofil Iberia, recognised that this “is a trade show that since its inception, has increased the number of exhibitors and attendees, so the presence of Motofil is important and necessary! During the fair, there was a lot of activity and euphoria and we expect some impact on this market, especially in the central and south area of the country.

The products of Motomig, Motofil Group’s company dedicated to the manufacture of welding wire, had a lot of demand during the trade show, which shows the growth of productivity in the last few years. Nowadays, the company manufactures approximately 800 tons per month and it is the only manufacturer of welding wire in Iberian Peninsula.

This is a trade show strongly dedicated to the direct contact between clients/partners and manufacturers. António Coelho, Sales Responsible for Motomig Spain, considers the “strong presence of Motomig to be very important, as the target clients are partners or large end-clients. Motomig’s brand has been gaining a lot of notoriety in the last years and our SG2 welding wire is beginning to be a valid and recognised choice in the different markets, like the Asian one for two reasons: quality and proximity.

Motofil will continue to invest in participating in international trade fairs because we want to become a more global company.