2 Axis Positioner

Welded construction with two servo controlled rotational axes, horizontal and vertical, joined by an arm which supports the vertical axis.

Designed for the best ergonomic position for the correct loading and unloading of the parts to be manufactured, also providing a correct welding position.

Especially designed for the production of large workpieces which require a simultaneous turn and rotation and also for the application of fixtures which require two synchronized movements during the welding process.

Highly productive and profitable given that the servo controlled axes can be entirely synchronized with the robot’s movements, guaranteeing the highest quality and a considerable increase in welding speed.

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity 300Kg
Ø max 600mm
Rotation speed axis 1 120 mm/s +/- 90º
Rotation speed axis 2 120 mm/s +/- 360º